Volunteering in Honduras


VolunteerAre You Considering Voluteering in Honduras?

Because of its closeness to the city of La Ceiba, as well as the natural beauty of its nature and nice safe communities, the Cangrejal river area has traditionally attracted young professionals who are interested in volunteering with a social cause. It is perhaps for this reason that at least four Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) have established themselves in the Cangrejal river area, and each promotes different projects that aim to improve the education of the people in the community, as well as generate a better quality of life for Hondurans. All causes worthy for the dedication of any volunteer.

Following is a list of the organizations to consider when volunteering in Honduras.


One of the oldest in the area, Guaruma has been in existence for over 15 years. It is a sister organization of Photokids Guatemala, and looks to create environmental awareness of the community through the eyes of young kids who have learned to be photographers. The daily activities of a volunteer at Guaruma are much more that photography, however. The children are motivated to stay in school, and even help out with a small scholarship that aims at helping them buy their school supplies, or bus transportation into town, for those that are past elementary education.

They are even helping two of the kids who have just begun to attend a university in the city of La Ceiba! Children also attend classes to learn English, as well as computer programs such as Adobe Photoshop, which allows them to edit the photographs that they have taken. For more information on where to volunteer with Guaruma, visit www.guaruma.org. Guaruma prints a yearly calendar with pictures taken by the young photographers who want to share their view of the Cangrejal River and the communities they live in. They also have a nature trail where they take tourists. Students from La Ceiba come to visit, and learn more about the environment.

Helping Honduras Kids

This NGO has a school in the Cangrejal, called ‘Jungle School’ that offers elementary school education to a group of children from the local communities. The school is free. Most of the teachers are volunteers from the USA, and around the world. They have chosen their volunteering in Honduras with a commitment of at least one school year with the organization. Helping Honduras Kids volunteers also run an orphanage for children in the nearby municipality of Jutiapa. For more information on Helping Honduras Kids, and where to volunteer, please visit www.helpinghonduraskids.org

Instituto El Rey

Instituto el Rey has its headquarters in the community of Rio Viejo. This is just above the confluence of the three rivers that form the Cangrejal River. This Christian school, is under the leadership of Earl and Sharon Washburn (both USA citizens who have been in Honduras for many years). They offer first class education at no cost to their students. The school caters to junior high and high school students from the neighbouring communities.

Their education goasl are in two main subjects; the first is a Bachelor in Science and Arts (Bachiller en Ciencias y Letras). The second is a Computer Technician. English is also used a tool to help students get better paying jobs once they graduate. Education is based on Christian principles and the school is affiliated with the ACTS Family of Ministries. For more information on how to volunteering in Honduras with Instituto El Rey please visit www.ierschool.org.

Un Mundo

Based in the Cangrejal river community of El Pital, about 16 km from La Ceiba. Un Mundo has been established here since 2009. Among their goals is to help build the Instituto Polivalente Elvira Pineda Madrid, that provides the first public high school education in the Cangrejal River area. This institute is also providing vocational training to kids in carpentry, electricity, metallurgy and as computer technicians. Un Mundo also has a program to assist and help upgrade the knowledge of local midwives. A small local library, and an art program for the community are also part of the agenda. For more information about where to volunteer for Un Mundo you can visit www.unmundo.org.