Cangrejal River Zipline

Ziplining at the River

Cangrejal River Zipline

Zipline at the Cangrejal River

Jungle River Tours offers a zipline canopy tour at the Cangrejal River.

The first zipline takes you across the river, from where you will start a short hike up the forest while learning about the jungle, its insects and plants, and some of the wildlife.

Once you gain sufficient altitude, you will start zipping down the lines through the forests. There are several cables, and the last, which is the longest, will zip you back across the river to the original platform where you started the tour.

Once back at the Jungle River Lodge, you will have the opportunity to swim in the Cangrejal River, jump off a 25 foot rock into the river below, or simply relax in a lovely natural rock pool on site.

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