Good News From the Cangrejal River Valley!

Good news from the Cangrejal River Valley!

Over the past year there have been several new players that have joined efforts at the Cangrejal River Valley. Perhaps the most important, in terms of investment is the construction of a new hotel. The Hotel Rio, is at km 7.8 of the Cangrejal River Valley road.  The new Hotel Rio has a total of 6 rooms, some of them with air-conditioning. The property will feature a full service restaurant and bar. They also have a full service white water rafting operation. They plan on specializing in kayaking trips with the use of hard shell kayaks as well as rubber duckies. This is truly good news from the Cangrejal River Valley, because it means there are more options for all travelers visiting the Valley!

Additionally, the old Casa Verde, where yoga therapist Wendy Green used to operate was sold. It is now available for rent under the name of Casa Eden. The property actually has two different homes for rent, and can be contacted through airbnb.

Perhaps the most innovative is the new operation that is providing a unique service not only in the Cangrejal River Valley, but in all of Honduras. The operation goes under the name of Honduras Waterfall Descents. They offer a unique opportunity to enjoy canyoning by rappelling down waterfalls in the thick jungles of Nombre de Dios National Park. This experience is a great addition to the diversity of adventure and nature activities already available in the Cangrejal River Valley.  Tours are 3 hours long and for small groups of up to 5 or 6 persons maximum. All of the safety equipment, plus fully trained bilingual guides will give you an adventure to remember for a lifetime! Is this not good news from the Cangrejal River Valley?

Good news from the Cangrejal River Valley. A new option, Honduras Waterfall Descents

Good news from the Cangrejal River Valley. A new option, Honduras Waterfall Descents

Last, but not least, there is a unique Cacao Farm in the lower end of the river valley. They are now producing quality local chocolate! They are marketing their product under the very Aztec name of Xocolatl. The quality of the product is good. It makes for an excellent souvenir gift to take back home to your loved ones. If you are a chocolate lover, this is certainly good news from the Cangrejal River Valley! You can buy it at the Omega Tours La Jungla Restaurant.