The Spectacular Cangrejal River Valley

The Cangrejal River Valley

No matter how hard I try to describe it, it is hard to come up with the proper words. The Cangrejal River Valley is just plain and simple spectacular!  They say a picture says a thousand words, so I will start with adding a picture. The following pictures will give you an idea. The word beauty, uniqueness, and tranquility that this area. Best of all, it is so close to the Bay Islands of Honduras!

The Spectacular Cangrejal River Valley

The Cangrejal River Valley, flowing between Pico Bonito National and Nombre de Dios National Parks.

Nestled between two national parks; Pico Bonito and Nombre de Dios. The Cangrejal River Valley has the perfect balance to provide a visitor. If you are seeking an active adventure experience choose between the following. You can paddle down the white waters of the Cangrejal River. Rappel down beautiful crystal clear waterfalls in the middle of the rain forest. Fly over the forest canopy in a zip line or riding horseback through jungle trails. The alternatives are many!

If you prefer more of an an eco-tourism – nature experience, try one of the following. Hiking and trekking through the trails within the national parks. Cooling off in the beautiful natural swim holes of the rivers and creeks. Even relaxing in your hammock and enjoying the peace and quiet of this lovely valley is special!

The spectacular Cangrejal River Valley

Aerial View of La Villa de Soledad. Admire the spectacular location of this beautiful boutique bed and breakfast in the Cangrejal River Valley

The Cangrejal River Valley is Just a Short Trip from Roatan & Utila!

You would never imagine an area with such a pristine feeling could be so close to a city. Beleive it or not, the spectacular Cangrejal River Valley is only 6 miles from the city of La Ceiba!  This means that if you are in Roatan or Utila, you can easily visit it! A short ferry trip across the channel to La Ceiba and then a 25 minute taxi ride! To top it off, there are several unique lodging options within the valley. Options include award winning properties who patrons have raved about their facilities and service. Examples? check out La Villa de Soledad B&B and Villas Pico Bonito among others.

Do yourself a favor. Include a two or three night visit to the Cangrejal River Valley. You will find that it will be one of the highlights of your trip to Central America.