From La Ceiba to the Cangrejal River Valley

Getting from La Ceiba to the Cangrejal River Valley

So you are passing by La Ceiba on your way towards or from the Bay Islands of Utila or Roatan and have decided to stop a couple of days to enjoy the area around the Cangrejal River. You are now trying to figure out the best way to get from La Ceiba to the Cangrejal River Valley.

If you are traveling from the Bay Islands to La Ceiba on the regular ferry service, and will stay at one of the local lodges for several nights, your best bet is to contact the inn you will be staying at and have them arrange for your transfer.

Many hotels, for example, La Villa de Soledad B&B will provide complimentary round trip arrival and departure transfers from La Ceiba if you are staying with them for three or more nights. If you are planning on a shorter stay, you can arrange the transfers with them at a cost of $20.00 US for one to four persons each way. Others, such as Omega Tours Jungle Lodge have a deal with some of the local taxi drivers that will charge you a very reasonable $20 US dollars. The transfer time from the ferry terminal to your lodge at the Cangrejal River will shorter than 40 minutes.


From La Ceiba to the Cangrejal River Valley

View of the Saopin Bridge over the Cangrejal River

Once in La Ceiba, take a taxi to the “Saopin Bridge” over the Cangrejal River. This is one of two bridges in La Ceiba that crosses over the Cangrejal. The Saopin Bridge is the one on the main CA13 highway. There is a street just after crossing the bridge on the mountainside of the road. This is where you can wait for a bus. The area is safe, and there are usually different persons here waiting for the bus. There are only 3 or 4 buses every day. The first one going up towards the communities at around 10:20 a.m. The last bus usually passes by around 3:30 in the afternoon.

There are many pick up vehicles going up into the mountains towards the villages that will give you a ride. A few of them usually charge a fee to give you a ride. Make sure you ask if you owe them anything once you get off. Since you are in the back of the pick up, be on the lookout for the lodge that you are headed towards. Once there knock on the side of the truck to let the driver know you are getting off. Even if you have communicated with him and let him know where you are going, be on the lookout. The driver may forget that you are in the truck and want a ride only to a certain point.

Getting a ride in the back of the pickup truck is a great way to get from La Ceiba to the Cangrejal River Valley. There is one drawback with this very affordable way to get up to your lodge in the Cangrejal River. This is that when the road is dry you will bite some dust. When it’s raining, you will get wet in the back of the pickup truck.

From La Ceiba to the Cangrejal River Valley

If you end up hiring a cab to get from La Ceiba to the Cangrejal River Valley negotiate your fare first! Keep in mind that most cab drivers will try to charge you as much as they can get away with! Remember that your lodge can arrange for the transfer in a cab for around $20 US. Do not pay more than $30 US, unless it’s after dark when up to $40 would be the maximum acceptable. If you take the bus, the fare should be around 10 lempiras per person each way.